Bible Reading Chart 2.0

It's been three years since we posted the Bible Reading Chart as a free download for people to use.

It's definitely been our most popular free download. Just shy of 10,000 hits!

It makes us happy knowing people want to read the word...and spend quality time with our Maker.

We've revamped the chart! The full sheet 8.5x11 is still available as always, but now we've created it to be smaller and more compact! You can now print out a 5.75x8.5 version (double sided).

Excited to share this new resource with everyone!

Excuse the poor picture quality--had to take this in the middle of the night with poor lighting -_-

If you want this PRINTED and delivered to you--just follow us on Instagram for our free giveaway happening TONIGHT! @thethingshannahloves

Click here to download!


And because I'm so into calligraphy right now--here's some doodling I did just for fun:


Valentines Day Printables

Valentines Day is just around the corner!

If you're a parent this means buying cards and candy so your child can pass them out to everyone in their class! Instead of buying those premade cards--why not make them at home? :) You don't even have to get candy--maybe attach pencils, erasers, pens, stickers....the possibilities are endless! Stick them on the back, write on the back, put them in bags, use them as tags, you decide!

Direct download click HERE

and of course, just because you don't have kids doesn't mean you can't give out valentines day cards!!!

Give them out to coworkers, friends and family!

:) happy valentines day!


eight designs total

Freebie featured above!


Stick the cards in goody bags!


 give out pencils instead of candy!


Giraffe Baby Shower

This is a baby shower I helped out with last month!

It was for a super beautiful mommy to be--and I wish her and the baby girl much love--can't wait to meet the little one in person!

Some fun game/activity ideas if you're planning on doing a shower!

1. Name game (since they didn't choose a name--we asked guests to suggest names they thought would be a good fit)

2. Advice for the Parents to be or wishes for the baby

3. Baby Bingo--who doesn't love playing bingo while the presents are being opened.

4. I Spy (Suggestions of photo opts that guests can take and post to instagram under the same hashtag)

5. Madlibs

annnd here are some pictures...


--Props to my friend Hannah (same name as me!) for the streamer decor--great idea--awesome execution! She definitely has the perfect patio for these sort of events! SO JELLY!

--Place settings were printables (which I will post a close up of later)

--Centerpieces: Flowers in China Teapots+Mason Jars with Pencils (with washi tape as flags)




--Simple giraffe theme :)


--Once everything was designed/printed/cut/punched out--I wrapped everything together to create a set of activities the guests could do to pass the time while waiting/eating.

I think baby showers are the cutest/funnest events to be a part of :)