Valentines Day Printables

Valentines Day is just around the corner!

If you're a parent this means buying cards and candy so your child can pass them out to everyone in their class! Instead of buying those premade cards--why not make them at home? :) You don't even have to get candy--maybe attach pencils, erasers, pens, stickers....the possibilities are endless! Stick them on the back, write on the back, put them in bags, use them as tags, you decide!

Direct download click HERE

and of course, just because you don't have kids doesn't mean you can't give out valentines day cards!!!

Give them out to coworkers, friends and family!

:) happy valentines day!


eight designs total

Freebie featured above!


Stick the cards in goody bags!


 give out pencils instead of candy!


happy birthday card

PRINT - CUT - PASTE - EMBELLISH. easy peasy.

I designed a simple layout for a birthday card.

Super easy to create--download the template (directions are on the template) and try it out!

Piece together some of your favorite patterned paper and glue it all down flat! 

Add some embellishments. I used brown ribbon to make a bow--then stuck rhinestone stickers at the bottom of each triangle--and on the bow.

I like to use clear baggies as envelopes.

Here's the


if you want to make it yourself!

Show me your creations ;)

happy halloween! crew :)

meet violet, leo, olive, noah and jade. my MINIONS! :)

they are created from scratch, my very own blood sweat and tears. I'll be using them often in a variety of printables...stay tuned!

I've decided to dress them up for HALLOWEEN!

poor leo--someone had to be the ghost...

FREE PRINTABLES! (downloadable links below)--use it for treat bags, cards, attach it to candy, write lunch notes--be creative! Both files have eight cards on each page. Please download for personal use only (i.e. don't make moolah off of other people's work)



! They're both PNG files. (better quality than a JPG)

File 2:


! This has space at the top so that you can personalize it with names or a note!