Bible Reading Chart 2.0

It's been three years since we posted the Bible Reading Chart as a free download for people to use.

It's definitely been our most popular free download. Just shy of 10,000 hits!

It makes us happy knowing people want to read the word...and spend quality time with our Maker.

We've revamped the chart! The full sheet 8.5x11 is still available as always, but now we've created it to be smaller and more compact! You can now print out a 5.75x8.5 version (double sided).

Excited to share this new resource with everyone!

Excuse the poor picture quality--had to take this in the middle of the night with poor lighting -_-

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Click here to download!


And because I'm so into calligraphy right now--here's some doodling I did just for fun:


Bible Reading Chart

The most common new year's resolution I've heard from my peers over the years: to read the bible everyday.

Hope this helps :)

It's not a schedule--it just simply lists each chapter of the bible so you can bubble them in as you go along. Sort of like a scantron ;) This way, you always know where you left off even if your bookmark falls out.

It was a bit tricky to get it all on one side--but I finally got it to fit--yay!

Now, fold it in fourths, stick it in your life manual, and it's reading time!


download file here!


 Race you to the end! ;)