Place setting for Thanksgiving 2011. Sorry this is so late :(

I was almost going to save this for next year and make the printables available for download, but I figure, I can do something different next year.

I printed "happy thanksgiving + name" and cut them in strips--wrapped it around the napkin, then stuck silverware in between. I bought the plastic plates at Big Lots. (Easy clean up and always looks nice when there's a placemat underneath).

**If you're looking for nice plastic dinnerware, go to Party City. I originally wanted to get square plates but they were closed--but I bought some later for my Christmas Dinner Party!**

I also printed their names (happy thanksgiving is on the other side)--cut them to look like flags, glued them to toothpicks and stuck them in chocolates!

hehe, I don't know if you noticed, but there's chopsticks in the first picture, and a fork in this next one. haha. :)

This place setting has endless possibilities. Just change out the napkin, plates and placemats, and it'll look completely different!