Hot Air balloon for you!

Yay free hot air balloon printable for you! This wedding shower was for a very cute couple at church.

The theme was "come fly away with us" so--what better than to fly away on a hot air balloon!

One of my girlfriends hosted the event--and asked if I could help with the decor with some graphics work~

(this event is the same one where I made the thumbprint guestbook in my previous post)

Here are a variety to choose from--just download according to your event colors. I made this to hang on the tree as decor AND for people to write notes to the couple. Enjoy! Click on the color you want (keep in mind that you should download the file to get the accurate color--the preview from the website is a bit off).












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Place setting for Thanksgiving 2011. Sorry this is so late :(

I was almost going to save this for next year and make the printables available for download, but I figure, I can do something different next year.

I printed "happy thanksgiving + name" and cut them in strips--wrapped it around the napkin, then stuck silverware in between. I bought the plastic plates at Big Lots. (Easy clean up and always looks nice when there's a placemat underneath).

**If you're looking for nice plastic dinnerware, go to Party City. I originally wanted to get square plates but they were closed--but I bought some later for my Christmas Dinner Party!**

I also printed their names (happy thanksgiving is on the other side)--cut them to look like flags, glued them to toothpicks and stuck them in chocolates!

hehe, I don't know if you noticed, but there's chopsticks in the first picture, and a fork in this next one. haha. :)

This place setting has endless possibilities. Just change out the napkin, plates and placemats, and it'll look completely different!