TEACHERS! Classroom Jobs Poster Printables!

Calling all teachers.

All classrooms need a classroom jobs poster! Here's one I created for my teacher friend---and now you can make your own!


  • Black Poster board
  • Downloadable FREE printable "CLASSROOM JOBS" PDF file (click on the link at he end of this post)
  • Glue Pen
  • White cards with your student's names
  • Letter stickers for the Poster Title (or you can just write it in with white/red sharpie)


  • Download the free printable, cut out all the job cards and lay them out on your poster board evenly spaced out. (when you print, make sure you click "do not scale" or else it will shrink all the print outs to fit the paper margins--and you definitely don't want that)
  • Place glue on the left, right and bottom edges on the back of each card -- glue onto poster board.
  • Wait for glue to dry and then insert the cards with all your students into each pocket. Make them smaller than the actual pocket for fast access so you can easily change them each week (or day).
  • Place stickers at the top for the title--or write it in with white or red acrylic sharpie.
  • Hang on your classroom wall!! (send me a picture after you're done)

Here's the file--

happy printing+making


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It should look something like this when finished:

**update 11/10/12 -- two new jobs added! Backpack Monitor + Office Manager**