Group Birthday Card

Here's an idea!

Instead of buying an oversized hallmark card...cut up a bunch of paper--hand them out--collect them--roll them up--and stick them in a mason jar.

The trick is to use a good palette of colorful paper--a pencil to help roll them--tape to close them before you tie the ribbon.

To make it easier for me to keep a uniformed look on the outer edge I stuck a piece of cardstock paper in the center of the jar. You don't even have to tape it in, just drop it in and let it conform to what's already there. So easy peasy.

I <3 mason jars--endless possibilities!

wedding bliss

I made this card on saturday for a friend's wedding.

She had a balloon theme running throughout her invitations so i ran with the same idea.

I cut a bunch of circles out with my circle cutter, glittered white paper strips for the strings, accented the butterfly with a rhinestone sticker and used letter stickers for the initials and date. Overall, it's a pretty simple design :)

Textured paper is simply fab. I also love popdots--having the top balloon elevated changes the whole feel of the card. If you're looking for some inexpensive scrapbook supplies check out:


. Everything is usually $1 -- and they offer free shipping if you spend $20 or more.

Here's a snapshot of the wedding--super adorable:

kelly&edmund | venue: smogshoppe in los angeles

two handmade cards

yay! started my first blog! FINALLY!

I eventually want to start posting digital files so that other people can download free printables--but until i get there, i'll post some handmade projects.

I love making handmade cards :)

I made this for one of my sunday school students: caylee. She just finished battling bone cancer and is in rehabilitation. (Please pray for her!) I was aiming at designing a card that would lift her spirits while she was going through chemo.

Here's a card i made for my bestie, for her bday.

I used buttons for the balloons and covered the holes with the letter stickers.