Airplanes and Clouds

A BOY birthday theme! Airplanes and lots and lots of CLOUDS!~

Definitely a fun birthday theme to design for--and help out with.

This was for a dear friend of mine (or for her son I should say haha) so we weren't just designing paper goods--we were part of the planning process as well!

The entire birthday was planned and put together in a week! Most of the handmade stuff done actually in one night! Super fast paced party--but considering how much time we had--I think it came together quite nicely. Side note--it wasn't that we procrastined or was being irresponsible--both my friend and I were just SO busy that month--we literally only had 1 week of time to work with!

It was a BRUNCH themed party--complete with a cereal bar, mini pancakes, sausages, bacon and of course some good ol' OJ!

Decor we did consisted of Chalkboards -- Graphics/Printed Decor -- Cake Topper --Photo Booth :) Enjoy!

Table setting for the kiddies:

Passports were bought from Oriental Trading! Just didn't have the time to design/make those too haha--they were super fun--came with stickers!

My little one--he was obviously too short to sit at the table so we moved him to the kiddie table--he seemed to like that much better :)

Cake Table! I absolutely love making cake toppers!!

 For added Decor behind the table--the host (the mom/my friend) put up this cute backdrop of pictures! Totally added that extra sparkle--pictures are always worth a thousand words.

Rainbow Cake by


 Photo Backdrop! Kept it simple--Die cut clouds on butcher paper!

Birthday boy!

 Cotton Candy Time (because it's a cloud theme haha-edible clouds)


I should probably mention the entire patio ceiling was covered with white balloons--but I don't have a picture of it :(

 Yeahhhh, it's always hard trying to get a group picture with kids haha.

Thank you to the host for letting me be a part of their big boy's birthday!

For more personal photos go to my Instagram: @thethingshannahloves


Photography: Adam Wang

Paper Goods/Chalkboards: The Things Hannah Loves