A Preppy School Theme First Birthday

Time truly flies.

You blink and before you know it, your baby turns ONE!!!

and before you know it 4.5 months have past and you STILL haven't posted pictures of his first birthday.

sigh. *hangs head in shame*

better late than never :)

Matthew's first birthday was an interesting one. As far as planning goes, I told myself I would start early which I did--THEN--BAM--two weeks before the event my creative juices turned me in a different direction and essentially I started from scratch. So...I ran out of time--BUT--at the end of the day, my baby had fun--so I was one happy mommy.

It was a School Theme but with a preppy modern feel to it.

I didn't want it to be the red apple/yellow pencil back to school that I've seen people do--I wanted his party to be unique and different.

I'll let the pictures do the explaining!

Pictures by Jae Keong

Desserts by

Cake Creamery

Overall Shot and Head Table

Sign in Table:

People were greeted with a "Baby Prep School" Sign that showed the classes they would be taking that day (the activities at the party).  HISTORY // READING+WRITING // BAKING 101 // PHOTOGRAPHY

Tables were lined with kraft paper and color pencils/crayons/makers were set out so people could draw/write throughout the party.


I hung all his monthly pictures -- his "history" then--the activity dealt with his future.

Career Game: This was a Korean Traditional Korean Game called "Doljabi"where the baby picks an object that is supposed to determine their future. Guests get to participate in a raffle where they can pick which object they think the baby will grab. To go along with the "school" theme--I called it the "Pep rally"

I've only used chalk once before this birthday....so I was still fairly new with this medium.

I also did these chalk pieces at three in the morning so I was rushing through them. Next time I use chalk--promise they will be MUCH better :)

HISTORY+READING: Favors for the kids

Made personalized sketchbooks with their names and alphabet activity cards that they could fill out.

(the cards can be found in our

etsy store


BAKING 101: Sweet Treats!

Desserts by Cake Creamery--they did an amazing job!



GENERAL DECOR: Pom poms, yarn balls and Bow Ties

Mini Pom Pom Centerpieces: (Both pom poms and yarn balls were all HANDMADE--took FOREVERRRRRR!!!)

I tried to find a overall shot of all the side decor but these two were the best I could find:

Family :)

Wardrobe change for the Pep Rally/Career Game--really didn't want to keep the hat on...boo :(

HE PICKED THE BALL!! He's going to be an athlete!

Wardrobe Change for the Cake Smash and Birthday Song:


CAKE SMASH - he didn't seem too found of this part.

oh, and lets not forget the invites:

excuse the photo quality--these were taken off my phone.

I did a tri-fold but each layer being a different height so that when folded all the layers would show through.

Happy Birthday my baby. You're a toddler now--time truly flies.